The audacity of hope rewarded again – RPK is free

RPK has been released – not via protests, but by due process in a court of law.

It has been a long time since we have been able to believe in our judiciary after the unchecked meddling by our government.

If any of you missed the significance of Obama’s election win, look at the date.

“Remember, remember the 5th of November” – Guy Fawkes Day.

Malaysians are no longer all beholden to apathy.

We are no longer stupid enough to believe everything we read in mainstream media.

We no longer stay quiet when our leaders overstep their bounds.

We are beginning to realise that we have been polarised too long.

We are starting to accept that we are living in Malaysia, not Malay-sia.

I do not believe that I will see a government that is colourblind in my lifetime.

I don’t think that we as a people have matured enough to put aside our prejudices.

After all, look how long it took the American people to elect a coloured man as president.

We might not see the change we want to achieve in this lifetime, but we should not stop fighting for it. We fight so our children will have a better world than the one we were born in, in the hope that one day their children will have everything we dreamed of and more.

Hope is not often warranted. Often we are given no cause for it, and told that we shouldn’t even bother holding it close to our hearts.

2008 will always remain in my memory as the year I learned to hope again. I hope that’s true for you too.

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