Why I still want to have his children

babe So I’m working from home and taking a break (one of many, hur hur) by reading the all-funny Dooce.

And Heather’s telling a story about her brother giving money to a homeless man. I get to thinking that, gee, sounds like something the boyfriend would do.

One of Heather’s commenters said it best about these people who have no qualms about giving to the needy:

“Your brother has gotten what very few of us have figured out…charity, compassion, giving isn’t about caring what they do with it or asking for thanks. It’s about doing it and knowing you did what you could.”

I do argue with the boyfriend about being a soft touch, very quick to opening his wallet.

I say, don’t give to Malaysian beggars because it’s all a syndicate. These people are smuggled in and are ‘professional’ beggars. We’re funding a ring of evil people.

“But what if they don’t take money back? What if they get beaten or something?”

And he gives money to the beggars anyway.

Because he’s so kind, he gets dozens of email requests from family, acquaintances, acquaintances of acquaintances.

My son, he needs money for school.

My father, he needs medicine.

My sister, she wants to take a course.

Watching him go through his inbox, I wonder how he manages not to get angry or saddened by all these emails from people who all want something from him.

But all he does is shrug. They ask because they must.

There are days though, that he gets frustrated not because of all the demands on his time or wallet but his ability to do well in his studies. It’s not easy trying to juggle his hectic life and I just say to him, Just do what you can. The best you can.

And he tries. He tries so hard and sometimes, he gets despondent feeling it’s not enough. But it never stops him from trying.

In some ways, he’s the silliest man I know. But he’s also the kindest, the least complicated and whenever he says, “I’ll do my best,” he means it.

Faith as simple as a child’s and an earnest desire to do good and be good. I guess I couldn’t ask for more.

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