Forgetting the homeless, to attack the gays

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It just made me weep reading this Reuters piece about homeless people making the effort to register to vote.

“Williams was one of hundreds of people — many first-time voters lacking permanent dwellings — who cast ballots this year on Skid Row, a 50-block downtown area believed to harbor the highest concentration of homeless in the United States.

Those voters represent a fraction of the estimated 12,000 people who live and sleep on the streets of that area. Many are mentally ill or suffer from substance abuse.”

I think that’s one thing wrong with America. All the news coverage and effort to create such ridiculous legislation like Proposition 8 when there are people genuinely struggling just to eke out a living.

The US might be a so-called developed nation, but why hasn’t it made a proper effort to look after its homeless. Of course, many in the Republican party think that looking after the welfare of the disenfranchised is ‘socialist’ and that those who can’t look after themselves are lazy bums asking for handouts.

A single mother with children, whose husband’s either dead or abandoned her, is she a lazy bum?

The people unable to afford healthcare for serious, debilitating diseases, are they lazy bums?

Orphans, unemployed, disabled, those unable to find gainful employment and are helpless without some form of assistance: are they lazy bums?

You talk about God and how He would frown about this desecration of holy matrimony.

You send missions to ‘save’ the unconverted in other countries, but you ignore your own people, in your own backyard.

Where in the Bible does it say that attacking gay marriage is a commandment or holy writ?

The Bible does admonish you into looking after the weak, the poor, the widows, the orphans. To love your neighbour, to love truth.

So much for priorities.

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