Dell Studio Hybrid Unboxed


So I won a Dell Studio Hybrid PC.


Now, the problem is I need another PC like I need a third arm.

The fun Sharon from Bates dropped it off at the office and decided to do an unboxing because I’ve never done a proper unboxing before.

Was quite surprised the box it came in was rather large but I suppose it was to fit in extras like cables, manuals, CDs and the lot. Which was true, Dell squeezed in a couple of handy extras like a black USB keyboard and mouse.

03112008215 Besides the aforementioned keyboard and mouse, there’s the standard kit of driver CDs, power cable and monitor cable. But no VGA-to-DVI converter! Boo!

Nothing inspiring in the kit, really, I was more keen to see the actual specs on the thing. Didn’t hold my breath for a Blu-Ray drive. I was expecting a DVD/CDRW combo at least and 2GB of RAM. There’s hardly any space inside the PC case for a ‘real’ graphics card so Intel Integrated Graphics it is.

Why would anyone be interested in this machine? Well, if you just want something for surfing, word processing, movies and HD playback, then you just might like the little device. But yeah, it’s a waste of an HDMI port when this particular machine doesn’t have Blu-Ray…

03112008216Setup is a no-brainer. Insert power cable into AC adapter, plug in DVI cables from monitor to the PC, power them up and you’re good to go.



The front of the Dell Studio – the slot for the optical drive is over to the side, in a recess. See that glowy white dot? It is the power button. Definitely shiny.

03112008220 There’s some attention paid to cooling with the vent – such a small enclosed space, you will have to think about ventilation. Fortunately the machine wasn’t noisy at all on booting. Look at how neat all the ports are, lined up closely the way I’ve seen them on the back of projectors.

As always, the first bootup for Vista always takes ages and after the pre-requisite “Yes”, “No”, “Sorry, my soul isn’t for sale” answers, I got this pretty screen:

03112008218 To which I say…Mac envy, much? Now, though I do say the machine is really cute, runs on a fraction of the power most desktops, is smaller than the monitor I tried it out with…like I said, I really don’t need another desktop. So if I don’t sell it off by the end of the month, will probably give it to the mother or the brother. See how lor. Overall, it’s a nice machine for people without high-end graphics needs (i.e. design, video production or gaming) and could be a very compact replacement for a media centre if you live in a flat or small, cramped dwelling.

Anyone interested can drop me a line at the blog’s designated email address (ernamahyuni(AT)gmail) or feel free to suggest other things I could do with it.

(Am a bit miffed with Dell for giving me a T5500 (2.0GHz) machine when the ones they sell come with at least 2.10GHz. At least it came with 2GB of RAM, Vista Home Premium, a DVD burner and a 160GB HDD. Nice, but my home PC has a 2.67GHz processor, also 2GB of RAM, Vista Ultimate (ori, if you’re curious), a DVD burner and a whopping 750GB of storage space, an NVIDIA 7600GS (crap, I know) card. I also put it together myself so I have a sentimental attachment to it. So nope, am not the target audience for this PC)

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