Picture tweaking on the N82

Irene says she doesn’t like the pictures I’ve posted so far on the blog. “You look pale”.

Well, I fooled with the settings on the camera and must admit the default shots often end up looking somewhat overexposed.

Like this shot:


So in the camera menu, I tweaked the exposure compensation to +1.0 and chose the Vivid colour profile to get this shot:


Yep, Irene, you’re right. My shots do need some adjustment to get more natural skintones. If you compare the photos, the first makes me look somewhat washed out.

Irene’s asked me why I don’t just get a ‘proper’ camera but honestly, I don’t miss my D40 at all. It was a lovely camera, yes, but the N82’s easier to take around, has a super Xenon flash that works even with no light and well, I love it. Honestly.

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