Dual sides of a coin

Dreams of the Tempest

(Image by night86mare via Flickr)

Sometimes, it scares me when I look at the darker sides of my nature. Possessiveness, obsession, a desire for control. Among other things.

But then when I see the darker side of me reflected in someone else’s shadow, I think of the old axiom – that what you hate most in other people is what you secretly loathe about yourself.

So I no longer talk about what I hate about other people, what I disdain in another’s traits. Because likely what I complain about and point out is probably my own failing that I try to distract others from.

It’s so easy to judge and point fingers, point out another’s weaknesses and magnify their mistakes.

We are human. We fail, we err, we hurt others, we stumble.

Here and now, I just want to ask those I love to forgive me.

Forgive me for putting you on a pedestal. For remembering your failings, for taking far too much time to chastise your weaknesses, to point out where you could do better.

I spend too little time telling you just how much I adore you, how much you matter, how you make me smile and how I desire your company. I am not your teacher, your critic, your judge.

I am your friend. And I will be the very best one I can be, nothing more, nothing less.

But when you eat a chocolate cheesecake…remember I hate you for indulging in something that would totally ruin my diet, you bastards.

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