The wonders of a good hairdresser

hairhairI understand now why some women are so attached to their hairdresser. Have gone for cuts with the same hairstylist for four times straight – a record. Because Chris at Russell Sallon, 1 Utama, is awesome.

Yes, you all have to suffer another mug shot of moi just so I can talk about how fun and cool Chris is. Having hair as thick and wavy as mine, it’s not easy getting the hairdresser to understand that I HAVE A LOT OF HAIR.

They don’t get it until they’ve chopped off enough to make a short wig, blowdried it and then realised…they haven’t cut enough off! Which means another half hour waiting for the hairdresser to fix what will usually end up a messy, botched haircut anyway.

But Chris gives good suggestions and is super fun to talk to. This time around I got a nice bunch of sunny highlights and a little thinning of the bulk around the middle of my hair. Result: more manageable hair with more bounce and curl.

I used to envy women with either really curly hair or super straight hair. But wavy hair really isn’t too hard to live with, provided you get the right cut. Since my hair is really thick but doesn’t grow very fast, I can get away with a maintenance trim every 3 months. Keeping it short isn’t an option – the less bulk I have, the more it tends to pouf up like an exploded mushroom.

There are times I wish I could shave it all off and just have a buzzcut. No hairbrushes, no gels, no maintenance (besides going back to keep it short). I envy men being able to go get a RM8 haircut at the local barber and not spend more than a few bucks on good hair cream.

But still, there’s nothing quite like sitting at a nice salon with cushy chairs, pleasant music, hilarious hairdresser and sweet-smelling shampoo. Say it with me now: Aaahhhhhhhhh…

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