Status of the body: still on track

So I now weigh myself and track my measurements on SparkPeople every week, with pretty charts and reports.

The good news: I’ve dropped a kilo, lost a few centimetres from my hips and waist.

The bad news: I’m coming along very slowly.

I don’t mind so much that my progress is at a snail’s pace but it’s progress!

Have decided Pilates is the exercise for me.

Why? I’m doing mat work which mostly involves LYING DOWN.

And right after I finished today’s workout and sat down, it felt like I had an invisible brace around my waist. No slouching or melting on my seat as I usually do – Pilates seems to be doing wonders for my posture.

But to supplement my Pilates sessions, I’ll probably start fartlek training next week…fartlek is basically interval training, more intense and less time-consuming. I do not have the time nor the stamina to do hour long jogs. Besides, excessive running is murder on the knees.

Am also attempting to incorporate morning Sun Salutations but there’s my major problem about mornings – getting up early. In the morning all I feel like doing is rolling over to get another extra hour of sleep.

Suggested Pilates to The Suan – she responded with “Sounds like too much effort.”

Sadly, she doesn’t have one of my traits – extreme vanity.

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