Males = movie trivia central

So Irene and me were yamcha-ing with a nice bunch of people after watching Bangkok Dangerous.

One thing we noticed and agreed upon was this particular bunch’s ability to quote a movie line by line, even taking turns to describe the setup of scene. Think choral reading done with movie scenes.

Is this a male thing? I don’t know a single female who can do that with any other film besides the sap fest that was Jerry McGuire. Seriously, the line “You complete me” is one of the most over-repeated lines ever; but the Joker saying it in the latest Batman film was just priceless.

I can quote poems, books, and annoyingly my friends (blackmail material ftw) but movies? Unless it’s Lord of the Rings, I don’t think so.

Is it because males are visual creatures, who find it easier to remember lines when spoke with visual effects to support them?

It might be a cue for teachers to start using animation or visual storytelling when trying to get points across. Perhaps they’ll be ideas for a certain ‘Learning Teacher’ I know.

Aside that is totally unrelated: What’s with Gmail’s emoticons? I say…ebeh.

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