Bloodwork and its consequences

So I’m 30 this year.

I haven’t exactly been a paragon of virtue, nor do I exercise regularly beyond walking to work. Eating too much, sleeping too little and a generally sedentary, complacent lifestyle has led to my gaining 10kg over the course of a year.

After much procrastinating, I went to nearby Pathlab for tests.

The bad news first.

I’ve got pretty high cholesterol levels, and I’m borderline anemic.

The good news is that apart from that, everything else is fine. Doctor also suggested I take a Hep A vaccination since I do travel on occasion.

My borderline anemia explains my constant lethargy so I guess I’ll need to modify my diet as well as work on my fitness.

And for the curious: I’m HIV and VD-negative. Clean. Nice to know.

So my slow and steady fitness program will now have more fuel to get me started. Goodbye fried foods. It was great knowing you.

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