Sitting on your behind all day is bad for you

…as if you needed to be told that.

After the start of my mission to lose weight, I’ve lost 3kg, gained back half of it and discovered a few things.

1. I get bored easily

2. I have precious little stamina

3. I do better with more frequent but shorter workouts than longer, less frequent ones

Two times a week just doesn’t work for me, because if I miss one session then that means I only work out once a week which won’t help much with Mission Remove The Gut.

So it’s three times a week for 20-30 mins. Eating more frequently, but with smaller portions.

Sometimes, though, you also need a little help from your friends.

Take this little convo I had:

“Don’t kill me but you need to lose a liiiiitle bit of weight.”


“Hey, at least you’ll always have someone there to remind you!”

I like the sound of always.

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