Cherating Travel Diary – Part One

Inspired by Suan’s idea to keep a travel diary during her Hong Kong trip, I’m chronicling my Cherating trip.

Day the first:

We met up at the office for breakfast. Of all mornings there had to be a massive jam on the LDP that day so quite a few people were late for the 9am rendezvous.

Which left more time for camwhoring.

Me and Elly, my frequent lunch victim.

Club Med Cherating trip - Share on OviThis was my ride all the way to Cherating. A Nissan cruiser we use for our roadshows and promos, with Cruiser driver Richard and salesdude William as his co-pilot. I played spoiled princess by reclining in the backseat. Richard drives fast but he was careful on the turns and even with my car sickness, the ride was bearable. Tip for other carsick prone people: don’t eat anything too heavy, have gum or other stuff to nibble on and stay hydrated.

Drama did ensue on the road, though. With five cars and rather haphazard co-ordination, it was inevitable there would be some problems. One car got lost which threw our schedule off; we had to wait at the Temerloh rest stop until the car and its wayward passengers arrived.

Once we got to Cherating village, I couldn’t help but appreciate how blue the sky was. A far cry from the cloudy vistas of Klang Valley.


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We arrived at Club Med at 3pm, hungry and exhausted. I was rather dreading the 6pm inter-team football match later at 6pm. Bosses had ‘brilliant’ idea to break us into three teams, naming them after Japanese cars: Nissan, Honda and Toyota. They made me captain of the last team which made me a bit apprehensive about having to choose football, volleyball and basketball players. I admit I suck at team sports. Ask my secondary schoolmates: I was never cut out for athletics and I don’t think I’ve ever not been unfit all my schoolyears.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one out of shape. Years of sedentary activity will do you in, you see. Most of my collegues were deskbound and it was plenty hilarious to see their antics on the field. Team Nissan outplayed us all but we had fun. I even managed a decent tackle but never, never make me goalie.

Then after football and plenty of bruises to show for it, we cleaned up and had dinner together. Also caught a show at the Club Med theatre arena which is always a fun thing to do.

You see, every week the GOs will perform for a few nights and entertain the crowd with song and dance skits. They’re high-school production level yet impressive in the amount of work you see, cooked up in such a short time. After that, I cajoled colleagues into joining me on the dance floor.

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I danced until my right knee gave out and then by 11.40am I was ready for bed and preparing for the next day.

My sole disappointment was in the lack of GO company. GOs or gentil organizeurs are Club Med’s hospitality experts who sit with you at meals and keep you company throughout the trips. They’re fun, very knowledgeable at what they do and help make your trip anything but ordinary. Then we found out that Club Med was all booked out and the GOs were tied up with all the other groups. Disappointing, but still, I was having a lot of fun anyhow.

The next day would bring more fun and laughter…and some GO company. 😉

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