Retreating to Club Med Cherating

Well, just returned from my 3 day, 2 night stint at Club Med Cherating with the office crew.
The weather was great – sunny, nearly cloudless skies and lovely starlit nights. Beach still as clean and water as gorgeous as it was last time. Club Med Cherating recently had renovation work done, with quite a few changes instituted as well.
The good:

  • Open Bar. Cocktails all night and day? Happiness in bottles for those who drink like a fish.
  • Spruced up rooms. My twin room was lovely and spacious compared to the tiny cabin-like room i had the last time.
  • Still plenty of yummy GOs (gentil organizeurs) to ogle.Nothing like staring at stomach muscles so defined you could play tick tack toe or a game of checkers on them.

The bad:

  • No coffee servers. All self-service now. I miss brewed coffee.
  • Pastries disappointing. Food standards seem to have dropped a little since the last time I was here.

Played football, volleyball and tried out archery there. Also hung out at the beach for a bit but also spent some quality nap time. Danced till my knee complained the first night; the second night my colleagues were too plastered to join me so I chatted up a local GO instead. Very nice, very young, very buff, very good company.
Here are the photos I took on my Nokia N82. Nothing I could hold anyone for ransom for, sadly. It was still nice to be able to enjoy sand and sea, and be able to have fun with people you share an often stressful situation with.
Would I recommend Club Med Cherating? Oh heck, yeah. It’s gorgeous, plenty of things to do, with food and drink all-inclusive and far from the hustle and bustle of Klang Valley. Would I go there again? Maybe to a Club Med in another country, though of course I can’t recommend Cherating enough.

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