A (hopefully temporary) crisis of faith

Dear God,

I believe in you.

But why are so many of your people such asshats?

There are the ones who kill other people for not agreeing with them, or ‘insulting’ their Gods, religions, prophets, dress code…

Then there are the ones who act holier than thou or think that it’s perfectly fine to whine all the time about how religion is being murdered! How the big, bad government or those damn liberals are keeping God out of schools!

Newsflash: God is everywhere. You can’t put up barbed wire fences to keep God out, you stupid, stupid people.

I can’t believe I’m still this angry about a stupid email forward.

I’m not just angry about that, I’m angry about how people are still stupid when it comes to their God/s.

Look, God was just fine without you.

Why must you be stupid just because you’re a certain faith?

And I’m tired of people asking about the state of my faith. I believe in God. The end.

I just don’t like most of the other people who say they do right now.

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