Of online distractions and blogging boredom

Vandiel, my mighty (in my mind) warrior priestHave been sick of body and mind lately. Fatigued by the combo of a sinus infection and work piling up all at the last minute.

Blogging has taken a backseat to killing trolls and other nasties in Warhammer Online. Funnily enough, I have my own WAR blog which I’m beginning to update more frequently than this one.

In other news, am also on a new fitness regiment. Bought a new exercise ball because it seems my current one is much too small so went and bought one 65 inches in diameter, 10 inches wider. All part of the Jorge Cruise 12 Second Sequence regiment I’m trying out right now.

According to Cruise, I can get by with just two 20-minute workouts a week. Where does the 12 seconds come in? Well, supposedly each rep I do (maximum 4 reps per exercise) will take 10 seconds followed by 2 seconds of holding it or ‘feeling the burn’ as Cruise calls it.

After the first workout yesterday, I’m still feeling the burn. But then I am chronically out of shape after all. Measured my waistline today and it’s a shocking 95cm or 38 inches.

Would you believe I once had a 24-inch waist? Not that I want one anymore but damn, my vanity is much hurt by the discovery I can possibly wear the same pants size as the boyfriend.

I have gone down a couple of inches from watching my calories and indulging less in sugary desserts. Lost 3kg but I think I might have gained one back from being lax about my nutrition.

It scares me that I’ve become one of the obsessed moderns who worries about calories and obsessively weighing myself everyday. But losing weight is something I want to do because, to be honest, I miss my old body. I miss wearing snug dresses and not having my thighs chafe after walking too long. And though my current body is comfortable, I hate having a gut.

I used to look like this:


Now I look like this:


Yes, I’ve finally resorted to publicly humiliating myself on the Internet to force myself to stick to a damn exercise regiment. But sometimes holding yourself publicly accountable is the only means to get yourself to commit. So here and now, I’m telling you all that I’m tired of wearing XL all the time. I don’t want to be a size 0 but a size M-L, like I used to be. Wish me luck because I know I’ll need it.

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