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foolingMucked about a bit with GIMP, and thanks to this tutorial I have a fun sketch-copy of one of my photos. But I spent most of Saturday learning how widgets work in Movable Type and damn, if I wish there was better documentation. Poring through all the pages on MovableType.org just made my head hurt. I miss how easy it was to skin my pages with WordPress but I don’t miss the mountains of spam or how easy it was to bork something and lock myself out of my own WP install.
The rest of you WP users : be ye not so stupid as this one.
And the result of my figuring out where all my theme files and how widgets work? I now have a blogroll, some nifty badges as well as my Twitter feeds and Facebook profile.
Once I got my blog all shiny and pimped (as far as my mediocre web design skills allow), I felt there was still something left to do.
So I created another blog.
Another one, you say? But all the other ones died slow, painful deaths!
The rationale is that despite embracing my ‘finger in every pot’ personality, I think my blog’s nature is rather schizophrenic. I mean, everything’s here – the books I read, the movies I watch, my personal views, my political rants and all that rather drowns out everything else I’m into – like tech, gaming, machinima and other random pursuits of geekiness.
I guess I just feel frustrated that not everything I’m into gets enough airing in this blog so I decided to just move my geek rants over to geek.ernamahyuni.com. Since this experiment might just end up like my short-lived Aggromonkey,com, I decided not to get another URL as yet. So let’s see if I can keep maintaining two blogs (my LJ doesn’t count as that’s one’s hardly updated beyond the odd emo rant) as well as contributing to The Mag’s blog, and the Tech & iPhoneTouch sections at Blorge.com.
Not that I won’t geek out here on occasion. Like I might say something like this:
ZOMG Six Apart added me to their Twitter feed! O.O
True statement. But hey, not like that’s going to stop me from writing about MT. At this point, I think I’ve become quite the Movable Type evangelizer. I love their TypePad anti-spam plugin which makes Akismet look like a baby padlock next to a garrison of guns, make them BFGs who will smite all ye spammers…sorry, that was the caffeine talking.
Why bother with multiple blogs? Aren’t they a hassle?
I guess I just wanted to give all my sides a good airing. See, I took Irene with me to a buka puasa the other day (one of my colleagues couldn’t make it at the last minute) and she noted not once, but twice that she saw different sides of me.
First, she saw me playing all nice and diplomatic with the PR reps. “Ah, now I see your slick side.” I never realised I put on a different play-face for PR people. Is that true, David Lian?
Then she sat in on a rather involved discussion I was having with two MIMOS reps on the state of programming and IT education in the country. Irene never thought I was that informed and knowledgeable on IT syllabuses, joint programs between vendors and institutions of higher learning, market demand and the like. Which rather depressed me. Do most people assume I know little about the industry, how it works and what it needs?
Yeah, yeah, a pity party of one it turned out.
Rather than mope and carry on about people not knowing what I know or what I can do, why not just blog about what I care about? If I’ve passion enough to care, that should be plenty fuel for blog posts.
So off I go to post to my, you know, other blog.

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