Should we dare hope?

hope He has the numbers. That’s great, but does Anwar have the names? Yet despite my misgivings the Kelana Jaya PKR rally for Malaysia day gave me something I haven’t had for my country in a long time – hope.

I’d called up Lainie earlier and she told me Suan was interested in going to the rally. And so to the rally we went.

We’d got lost on the way but managed to finally get there and see a large throng of people gradually filling up the field. By the time Anwar arrived, there was hardly any green left to stand on.


What heartened me was that the crowd was made up of people I’d never expect to attend something like this. Which meant pretty much everyone. From young to old, middle class to working class, and people of every colour. This was Malaysia as we imagined it’d be – diverse yet integrated, different yet united.

I don’t know if the change in government is going to happen tomorrow and I’m still somewhat worried about the ethics involved in such a political coup. But what I’m certain of is that I’m not alone in wanting something better for the country. That I’m not the only one fed up with the corruption, injustice, racial and economic divides and the overall feeling of powerlessness to affect change.

So even if change doesn’t come by today, I want to remember last night as a peep into a future that could happen. That we still have reason to believe and hope for a better Malaysia, that we will finally embrace true tolerance.

Happy Birthday, Malaysia.

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