UMNO, give us back our country

anak You have been stewards for our country long enough. What you have vowed to protect, you are now keen to destroy. Instead of punishing one of your own for seditious remarks, you wag a finger at him and instead send the ‘tattletale’ who reported his words to your dungeons.

You want to talk about your racial rights? My own people have honoured their ancestors’ spirits on Aki Nabalu long before you even had kingdoms. But the Kadazan Dusuns have never tried to lord it over the other races in Sabah because we know that under God, we are all the same. We blame you for the myth of one race being superior over others. We’ve never felt entitled to anything so why do you have that claim?

MCA and Gerakan – you are an embarrassment to the people you claim to represent. No better than the ruling party, you keep rolling over and playing dead when they tell you. MCA president – do you know what nepotism means? Do you think your party members won’t notice all the special favour you bestow upon your brother? Cowards with no dignity, traitors who serve money and power.

MIC, of all the race-based parties, you have failed your people the most. 51 years after Merdeka and what have you done for the majority of your people? Why do so many of them live in squalor, resort to crime or commit suicide? Blame yourselves for the Indians often resorting to weedkiller because you, like the government, does nothing for them.

No more divide and conquer.

No more corruption and waste.

No more wasting our tax money on expensive trips, pricey cars and your wives’ shopping.

Give us back our country, Barisan. You’ve done too much harm already.

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