Why I’m not using Chrome

I have four browsers of my PC.

Do stop snickering about my dorkhood.

IE, FF, Opera and now Chrome.

After deciding that switching between many browsers is a mighty pain in the behind, I’ve decided to choose one, and one only to use.

And I’ve chosen Opera.

IE is constantly plugged with security holes, FF crashes on me often, even though I have less than five bloody extensions and Chrome? Well. I’m still a bit mad at Google at trying to monopolise the Web. “Don’t be evil”, my arse.

“But Opera doesn’t have AdBlocker!” Who needs AdBlocker when all you need to do is right-click on content to block it.

And Chrome’s shortcuts to the sites you most use? Opera did it first with their Speed Dial. And they’ve Bittorrent integration. And mail. And chat.

Though I mostly love their widgets. How could you not love a widget like this one:


I am awed by the cuteness. Now I must go and smite some CSS…oh, and by the way, one of Opera’s founders also happened to co-create the CSS protocol, dontcha know?

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