A journalism soap opera, courtesy of The Star

Today my brain attempted to leap out of my head. In protest.

It was likely upset at being forced to read the following piece:
Sneak peek into journalism

Yes, The Star, our local newspaper is going into television. But seriously, a suspense drama called Frontpage? And it produced the storyline as well for the 13 episode series.

“We wanted to share with our readers the tough decisions and hard work that go into the making of a newspaper.” By producing a drama. Right.

If they tried that with tech journalism, I highly doubt it would count for high drama. More likely it would end up as high comedy.

Picture this scenario for a tech mag show. Let’s call it Byte Me.

Pilot Episode: Peter Lim finds himself editor of an ailing tech magazine with the tough job of getting subscriptions and ad revenue up, as well as pleasing the nitpicky ten people who spend all their time posting on the magazine’s forums.

Then he finds out an ex-flame will also be joining the firm as sales manager. Then there’s rival magazine editor Thomas Damien who’s out for blood due to a long-standing feud with Peter’s publisher and aims to settle the score through any means necessary. Will Peter succeed? Or is he doomed to spend the rest of his life writing copy for the Yellow Pages?

Episode 1: The Stock Check
Company X&Y has called up, asking for review items they expected back weeks ago. But Peter wasn’t hired yet when the items were around and has no idea where they are now as there is no documentation. Not to mention his ex-girlfriend/current sales manager is unhappy with his pagination and demands he adjust the ad/copy ratio. Will Peter find the missing items? Will his salesperson see reason? Or will his publisher just fire them both because they’re still under probation?

Episode 2: Dirty Talking
After Peter’s magazine scores an exclusive advertising deal with company JiloJilo, murky rumours abound of how the deal was secured. How will Peter stave off sordid rumours involving his sales manager, a photocopy machine and lots of thermal paste? To top that off, his lead designer’s threatening to leave the company unless he gets either a pay increase or ‘get the blardy sales to stop bothering me day and night, can or not?’

I suspect my talents do not lie in TV screenplays. Alas. 

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