How tech journalism has failed you

Bloghopping from POP!PR Jots to Jeff Pulver to Scobleizer, I think about my own little existential crisis. Four years at The Mag and again I’m reassessing my values and my priorities.

My friends know I have these ‘spasms’ very frequently – the whole ‘Why am I here? What am I doing? How is what I’m doing helping the world?’ gets replayed every year. 

And then I read Scoble’s Has/How/Why tech blogging has failed you and I realise how much it relates to my job.

“I realized that I’m at fault for some of why tech blogging has failed
you and was thinking that I’d done too much of the “business talk” and
not enough of the “let’s discover something that’ll improve our lives
together” talk.”

I wonder to myself what I’ve done wrong as a journalist, where I’ve failed to put what was important first – my readers.

Yes, I could start a long diatribe about how advertisers push Malaysian media into writing what they want, treating journalists like paid copywriters instead of objective purveyors of news. But then, it’s our own fault for letting them treat us that way. We surrendered our backbones to the whims of Big Business and it’s our own fault our credibility’s shattered.

I wanted to inform, educate, excite people about what makes technology such an exciting field to be in. But instead I spent more time worrying about deadlines, battling office politics, mollycoddling my contributors, fending off detractors and demanding clients than my content.

Why complain when things are the way they are? Why keep highlighting the bad, the depressing, the downright sordid?

I guess what I need is a new perspective on what I’m doing, where I’m heading and not be stuck so much on the ‘glass is half empty’ point of view. Yes, there is a lot that sucks about the industry. Too much emphasis on the trivial and not enough on things that matter, events that could, potentially, save the world.

Scoble’s trying to make Scobleizer better. I’m going to try and be better at what I do, what I’m doing and how I do it.

Now the next question is: where do I start?  

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