As if I haven’t enough to do already

With so much on my plate, you’d think I would learn to do less, right?


After a late revelation about how important singing is in my life, I created a new blog (gotta love multi-blogging with Movable Type Pro). Sing, O My Soul at

I meet a lot of people with pleasant voices who don’t have the privilege or time to go to singing classes. But singing is something that can give so much joy, that I think it’s a pity not to learn how to do it well.

The blog will chronicle my own learning experiences about my voice, learning to sing and helping another young’un along.

Yes, the student is also a teacher. I volunteered to vocal coach a young thespian friend. It’s as much a learning process for me as it is for him, really. He’s very young, very talented (at acting). A voice with a potentially lovely timbre and yet, I get this itch to help him polish it.

And why not let someone else benefit from all the experience and knowledge I gathered about vocal theory and practice?

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