Pilates: part the third

Third day of Pilates and my body’s gotten more used to the routine. Pilates requires you to really switch off – to listen to your body and mentally focus on the movements. None of that loud music to distract you from physical discomfort. I even found myself sweating as I did my inner thigh stretches and I suppose that’s a good thing.

Will give my body a bit of a rest tomorrow because three days straight of Pilates is stretching my limits already. I remember the last time I over-exerted myself – couldn’t sit without wincing from the pain for weeks!

Diet progress? I let myself have a little treat by buying a nice big bar of Cadbury’s Old Jamaica. It’s sitting in the fridge for the odd snack but have also purchased a healthy alternative – plain old raisins. I quite like having the meal replacement shakes for breakfast – now I never miss that ‘most important meal of the day’.

I suppose there must be some progress as I showed up at a press conference today and a fellow reporter insisted on snapping a picture of me because I ‘look so different!’. Goal for the month is pretty simple – to lose 2kg by month end. Once I’ve managed to get through 10 sessions of Pilates, I’ll add some cardio to the mix and start jogging or perhaps wake up early for a session of Sun Salutations.

Blogging about my weight-loss journey seems to be working as a motivator. Now, if only I wasn’t too chicken-shit to keep a food journal…

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