Permatang Pauh’s upcoming ‘boxing match’ and this bookie’s odds

So we Malaysians have our popcorn and passports ready to see the results of the Permatang Pauh by-elections.

Popcorn to watch the high drama; passports in case things get ugly. Singapore might just see a sudden influx of ‘tourists’ if the BN gets skittish and declares emergency status if Anwar wins. Or if he doesn’t. You know, to prevent riots and so forth and so forth.

Why am I using a McCain and Obama picture? Because if China can get away with misrepresentation, so can I. Oh, and I’m too lazy to Photoshop. Plus it’s easy to get pictures of Anwar but not so that other fella, Arif Shah Omar.

Of course, we can already expect our local media to publish pro-government headlines. NST, for example, is always up to the ‘duty’ with this Bernama-sourced piece:
NAJIB: BN expects tough battle, but confident of winning Permatang Pauh

The AP begs to differ with their newspiece by an obviously unbiased Eileen Ng:
"Malaysia’s top opposition leader filed nomination papers Saturday for a
Parliament by-election that he is expected to win easily — the first
step in his bid to bring down the government and become prime minister."

And because Bernama just loves using the word ‘confident’ in its headlines, here’s another one I got off NST: Both BN and Pakatan confident of winning Permatang Pauh seat

Winner of most pompous election headline goes to The Star with this doozy:
By-election Battle Royale

At least they didn’t use the word ‘confident’.

Back to the odds. I confidently predict that Anwar will win this one.

Why? Because his opponent’s too old to be a certain someone’s son-in-law.

Second – since the government insists on doing a repeat performance of the sodomy charge, they’ll probably want to wait until Anwar wins the Permatang Pauh seat. So it’ll be even more satisfying to clap him in chains.

Third – he’s got Tun M’s backhanded belief that he’ll win with this statement of overwhelming confidence:

“I think Arif Shah will not lose as
badly as other candidates before him or other candidates in his place.” quoth the venerable one to The Star.

Yes, Anwar will win, BN’s ‘Cemerlang’ Rempits will likely also make an appearance, a certain DPM will be pleased that we’re forgetting about certain Mongolian-obsessed bloggers in the ruckus and Saiful swear-on-the-holy-book will be buying boy-love manga from the nearest bookstore to ensure his upcoming testimony is convincing.

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