Of ideal and not-so-ideal weights

This obsession over dieting, weight loss and exercise in modern society annoys me.

"Oh if I just lose XX pounds, I’ll be happy!"

Then there are the women whose legs you could break with two fingers moaning "I’m faaaaat!" You know you’re not fat, I know you’re not fat, so stop insulting our collective intelligence. Wait, you don’t have any.

The big women I know don’t usually draw attention to their larger size. They’re fine with it (for the most part), except when it comes to that dreaded activity – shopping for larger sizes in Malaysia.

I even got depressed shopping in Hong Kong where dress and shoe sizes were so small, I wondered if the entire population had been replaced by a colony of Munchkins.

So why am I on a two meal replacements a day diet? Well, it’s because I spent last year gaining 10kg from playing too much WoW and treating Coke and potato chips as important food groups. And I’m recuperating from a hormonal-related illness and am too fatigued to prepare proper healthy food so nutritious shakes it is. The only proper meal I have a day is lunch while breakfast and dinner comprise with powder supplements mixed with skim milk.

"Why not just exerciselah?" I have too little physical strength right now to heave around all the extra kilos I gained last year. So like it or not, some of that weight has to come off first. Shed a couple of kilos of extra fat, gradually add exercise into the mix (light hatha yoga is all I can manage at the moment) and hopefully I will weigh 5 kilos less by Christmas. Shedding 1kg or 2.2lbs a month is a manageable goal, I think. I don’t hold with overly rapid weight loss – I’ve seen a certain Sultan’s wife who is gorgeous in pictures but up close is haggard. Her skin is stretched so tight over her jaw, you can already tell what she’ll look like at 40 – jowly. I think I’ll just shoot for 55kg and stay there.

"Why not embrace your size?" Because to be honest, what I look like at 55kg and what I look like now at 65kg, there’s just no contest. I’m not big-boned – my frame really isn’t suited to carry extra weight. But I wouldn’t want to look like a toothpick either.

And I’m blogging this so I’ll be committed to losing weight instead of just being satisfied with the fact my bust is currently awesome. 34E for the win! I’ll miss those when I lose weight, but I won’t miss warily eying dresses I like and hope I can get out of them.

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