A second journalism award trophy…even if it’s for third place

The Sony Malaysia Media Achievement Awards 2007 results are out…and I made 2nd runner-up, Best Print Category (English).

The tech media circle in Malaysia is so small, I knew all the winners so the ceremony was a raucous blast. I didn’t feel bad losing to Jo or Christy – I see their stuff often enough in the papers to know that they’re really good. Yes, I should count myself lucky to have such peers. Though we were all rather amused that it was girl power all the way in our category in a traditionally male-dominated media niche.

For posterity’s sake, I uploaded the piece that won me 3rd place. It’s one of my favourites of all the things I’ve written; I remember having a lot of fun with it and the narrative portion flowing easily with the facts I cobbled together.

Download for_your_id_only.pdf

The money was nice and the voucher quickly spent on Bluetooth headphones, rechargeable batteries and a memory card for the significant other. But of course, the most important thing is the award looks mighty fine on the resume. I got some flak for my last award (MediaConnect Asia’s awards) with some anonymous git saying that ‘anyone could win an award on the Internet’. The SOMAs were judged by my peers at the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI), which at least lends more credibility to the win.

At the end of the day, accolades are well and good but that doesn’t mean I can rest on my laurels and crow about how ‘good’ I am. I am beginning to get restless, though, and wondering whether it’s time to move on someplace more conducive to bettering the quality of my work. Malaysia’s local media scene yields too much to advertisers’ beck and call. Should I take a paycut and join a local paper or attempt foreign shores?

Lots to ponder.

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