Malaysia – blaming the ‘babis’ and the bloggers

Ceaseanddesist(Nifty cartoon courtesy of

"We don’t need Astro anymore…our papers are more interesting!" so said a friend yesterday and I’d have to agree.

Instead of looking at their weaknesses, or learning how to serve, our government instead:

1. Arrests Anwar for sodomy. Again.
2. Arrests bloggers
3. Blame, harasses and claims they will monitor bloggers

The Bar Council’s forum on conversion in Malaysia was just supposed to be a dialogue. But instead, it soon descended into a fracas where eloquent locals called for the pigs to go home to China.

What an insult to bacon-packers everywhere. Bacon, ham, luncheon meat don’t necessarily originate from China since not all pigs were born, bred and taught to attend dialogues there.

Farish Noor defends discriminated-against pigs everywhere with this interesting post:
"No, this Babi will not balik China"

Who are the real ‘pigs’ here? I like pigs. They live simple lives – eat, shit, procreate, sleep.

They don’t accept bribes or setup roadblocks to prevent demonstrations/make themselves pocket money.

They don’t blow up Mongolian women with hand grenades.

They don’t lie today, and have The Star prove them liars the very next day on the Front Page.

And pigs at least produce crispy bacon.

I suspect if you roast their human equivalent, all you’d get is stinking gas and a lot of hot air.

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