Why worry, love?

The long break helped clear my head.

Sometimes, it’s good to hear your shortcomings told to you kindly, gently, by someone who loves you.

Who has nothing to gain from not telling you the truth.

"Why worry, honey? We’re not going to live forever."

My return from Singapore was delayed. Unexpected circumstances kept me 4 nights longer in Singapore than I wanted. The extra expense was hard on the wallet but it gave me a lot to think about.

A lot of idiocy happened in the country while I was away. And despite my misgivings about Singapore, the reservedness of its people, the comparative blandness of its food…everything works over there.

Public transport in Singapore is clean, efficient and reliable. The streets are safe; I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder at night, nor do I have to clutch my bag close to me in fear of cutpurses.

I can trust the policemen – they’re decently paid and don’t practice extortion instead of doing their jobs.

It’s true. I admit it. I envy the Singaporeans.

And now the tussle begins for power. Conspiracy, lies, high drama. And into this mix comes…Mercedes Benz cars?

Oh, my country. I weep for you.

I don’t want fortune. Fame would likely hurt, not help me.
I don’t want beauty, longevity, power.

I want things to work in my country.
I want leaders who won’t lie today, and get exposed in the papers tomorrow.
I want a nation built on principles, ethics and concern for the welfare of all its people.
I want a nation not torn asunder by a maddening obsession about affirmative action for the majority race.
I want to be proud of my country.
I’m not.

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