LOLCat Lively

OHAI. Yeah, I’m giving Lively a try because David Lian suckered – I mean, enticed me into it.

My very first attempt at creating an avatar left me with a cat…in a blonde wig. So not on.

Not that a cat, in a hat, in a red dress, is all that much better. I find Lively less of a tax on resources compared to Second Life. But perhaps lag will start to show once the user base increases. So far, I quite the like how easy it is to get used to. Create avatar, walk around, talk in rooms and explore, explore, explore.

Not sure what Google aims to achieve with Lively. Do we really need more ways to create cute avatars? Still, it’s cute. Anything that allows me to lolcat with impunity has to have some merit to it…

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