My Personal Holy Grail: Getting Organized

I have a little fetish.

OK, maybe a big Angelina Jolie-sized fetish. I am obsessed with productivity tools.

The irony is that my productivity can be severely obstructed when I’m distracted by said tools.

For instance, I’m capable of spending far too much time on, when I could be posting to Blorge or Roving Geek, for that matter. Or working on a novel, machinima script, song lyrics or playing my dusty guitar (whose expensive strings are probably out of tune by now).

So I bought a low-tech Moleskine 18-month pocket planner.


1. It doesn’t need batteries or power
2. It’s small enough to carry anywhere
3. It has a calendar all the way to the end of 2009
4. It has a nice little sleeve at the back for me to keep the odd receipt
5. It won’t exactly cost a bomb to replace if subjected to sun, water, wear and tear

1. It has no backup options – if I lose it, there goes my data
2. It’s not exactly cheap at RM47

Still, I love my new Moleskine. The trouble is stopping myself from buying more and though Grandluxe makes nice, similar notebooks at half the price, it’s not quite the same.

There are so many things I want to do and should get around to doing (guitar & vocal practise, language lessons, creative writing) but I end up being swamped by other things.

I guess it’s that time again for me to sit down and try resorting my priorities. Spending far too much energy thinking about what I want to do instead of doing them just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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