Everything you Wanted in a summer flick

AngelinajoliewantedmovieNasty. Harder than steel, colder than a glacier, cooler than you. Angelina Jolie is in fine form in my favourite summer movie this year, WALL-E be damned. (Because by the time WALL-E plays in Malaysia, it won’t be summer anymore)

The film’s everything I thought it could be. Loud, fast, brash. But I loved it. I f-ing loved it so much every cuss word in my vocabulary wanted to come out and play.

James McAvoy is darling and pretty convincing as the downtrodden everyman, who suddenly gets the chance to play hero.Morgan Freeman, though, hardly has to do anything. His ‘wise mentor’ role is something he’s done so often, he could probably sleepwalk through the film and no one would notice.

The director,Timur Bekmambetov, was an inspired choice for a film that could have ended up a Pearl Harbour-like disaster under someone like Michael Bay. OK, Bay did manage not to screw up Transformers too much but Timur makes Wanted such a stylish tour de force that you’ll forget about the plotholes that would ordinarily sink a film like this.

A lot of people are quoting the line "What the f-k have you done lately?" Nice. I should get that tattooed somewhere on my body, to cheer me up when I’m in a self-doubting mess.

But how do you manage to acknowledge your own self-worth, capabilities and achievements while at the same time, try to be humble and not be a pompous arse?

Maybe it’s by getting back down to earth and remembering – all I have, was given. That despite my self-destructive youth and former desire to burn myself out of existence, I’ve been blessed.

Lesson learned after all my self-doubt and recrimination:

I might not deserve all that I’m given; I might not achieve all I could be but I can be grateful.

But I can work, all the days of my life, to make the most of everything I have and am.

And also remember…that other people aren’t necessarily motivated to be the best they can be. That if someone doesn’t make much of his gifts, it’s his choice, not mine. That I shouldn’t presume to judge when someone prefers not to be ambitious. That the most important thing isn’t that other people give of themselves, but that I do. All the days of my life.

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