Augustana: Somewhere between Switchfoot and Deathcab

My new favourite music blog is the fun where I discovered people like the Old 97’s and Augustana.

Augustana might appeal to those who like standard American pop/rock. They’re not as commercial sounding as Maroon 5 or Switchfoot, but aren’t as rough sounding as Death Cab for Cutie. They’d probably fit somewhere in the middle. Their most acclaimed album has to be the 2005 All The Stars and Boulevards. I keep getting told to go listen to Boston from there.

But my personal favourite is something from their Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt album – Where Love Went Wrong. Easy on the ears and easy to relate to – how sometimes when you’ve done all you can to the point all that’s left to do is walk away.

(lyrics from the blog Living in a world suffused with sound)

Where Love Went Wrong – Augustana

The day is done, and now we’re older
The feeling’s gone, so now you’ll show her

Where love went wrong, on your shoulder

But I tried
I tried,

You’re all alone, and you can’t take it
You’re just too tired to suffocate it
And all along we’ll just fake it

But I tried,
I tried,

You try to breathe, you try to save it
But it marks your skin, until they break it
Well could you call when
They’re taking all that you left for me

But I tried,
I tried,

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