Pretty, pretty Flick-shurs

DestYes, I know I blogged about DestroyFlickr already. But I just have to say that I love viewing my galleries in it. So pretty!

David Lian is a Flickster-fanboy. And yes, I can see the attraction. DestroyFlickr is so pretty, it almost makes me want to get a Flickr Pro account. Almost.

But I’m quite liking Ovi at the moment for its unlimited uploads. And having private channels for media is a plus but unfortunately the widgets need work. I’d love to see more Blogger/Typepad integration for Ovi. And Picasa? Oh, I think it’s a great tool to manage photos on my computer but I’m not feeling the 1GB storage space. Nosirree.

Will likely blog more about the Hong Kong trip soon. I still haven’t finished the Dim Sum chronicles due to work commitments and late-night emoing.

Was throwing out a ton of junk (again) Saturday night and right at the bottom of a box was a picture. I remember you showing me the pictures from an interview you did, and for some reason the photographer took a picture of you instead.

And there’s your face staring at me from the bottom of a box. And I don’t understand why I can’t bring myself to cry. Don’t I feel as much anymore? But I’m giving you the picture back because clinging to it means clinging to the past and I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Pictures. They say, and stir, a thousand words.

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