Day the Second in Hong Kong

Here is where I correct the name of the hotel. I didn’t realise it, since we arrived when it was all rainy and all I could think about was dumping my things, but we were staying at BP  International House.
BP as in Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts; his wife founded the Girl Guides. And who just happens to share my birthday.

Yes, I was a Girl Guide. My knots still suck but, hey, I’m a half-decent cook and seamstress. :p

BP House is somewhere I’d recommend. It’s really very good for a 3-star hotel, with excellent views from the hotel window and a very satisfying hotel breakfast. The staff are friendly, the rooms, though spartan are pretty adequate and clean. No bedbugs.

It was a little sad to be checking out, especially as BP was much better than we’d imagined.

Unfortunately, it left us with a sinking feeling that our next hotel would be far, far worse.
It was.

Guangdong Hotel is, quite frankly, unimpressive but for its location. It’s just a minute’s walk to the MRT and is pretty much smackdab in the city centre, with easy access to Nathan Road. The staff was indifferent, you weren’t lucky enough to get a hotel breakfast here, and the rooms? Well, they were a bit bigger than BP and ours had a bathtub. A view? Forget it. Not unless you fancy looking at tall, musty-looking buildings.
After we’d dumped our stuff and unpacked, we headed off to where our feet would take us.
That meant shopping and using our new Octopus 3-day passes!

We came to a few realisations about shopping in Hong Kong:

1. Hong Kong women have small feet. It’s hard to find anything larger than size 39.

2. Hong Kong sizes are one size smaller than ours. So if you wear L, you’ll have to look for XL.

3. XL-sizes are near impossible to find

I swear, Hong Kong, when it comes to clothes is made for the skinny, petite or possibly bulimic.
But Suan did find a Bossini where the t-shirt sizes were kinder to us and I did manage to find pants. In XL.

I seriously considered not eating for like, forever?

Still, Hong Kong can be a fun place to walk and explore. Also a heaven for shopping…if you can fit into Hong Kong sizes.

(Me, a little weary after traipsing Hong Kong. I did score a nice messenger bag at Esprit for half off. )

I found Hong Kong to be pretty pedestrian friendly, and though my feet ached after hours spent on my feet, I liked how much more convenient walking is in HK compared to KL.

Alcohol, for you liquor lovers, well…it costs the same in Malaysia. More expensive in some places, even. So this is definitely not a place for you to go boozing. Still, there are plenty of coffee shops – try the local Pacific Coffee franchise. Of course, Suan being Suan, we opted for Starbucks instead.

Day the second also saw me really missing the Internet. Free Wi-Fi isn’t something easy to find in Hong Kong unless, of course, some poor sod’s left his router wide open for people like yours truly to leech off.

Stay tuned for Day Three and impromptu lion dance shenannigans.

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