Part 2, where Erna has not gotten herself killed. Yet.

Part the Second of Day the First (still without dim sum)

So I left it where me and Suan arrived, slightly soggy, at our hotel.

BI International, for all our expectations, turned out very decent. The staff was courteous and attentive, the room spartan yet comfortable and it was not that far a walk to the nearest MRT. After dumping our bags, we then proceeded to explore the city.

Suan decided Nathan Road was a good place to head towards and head for the road we did. It was windy, rainy and yet, pretty crowded. As Suan said, Hong Kong can make you pretty claustrophobic if you let it. People line the roads, day in, day out, crowds and crowds of them all the time. Still, it’s a very pedestrian-friendly place with easy access to MRT stations, convenient walkways. Just watch out for the eye-poking umbrellas. Hong Kong people love their umbrellas – go down Ladies Market and look for the umbrella vendors. Big one, small ones, one with handles, ones that lie flat, lacy ones, transparent one, polka dots and Winnie the Pooh-ones…

After all that walking, we didn’t end up buying much. I got a soft silicon case for my mobile phone but not much else. Then we went back to the hotel where I fell asleep to dream of dim sum. Perhaps tomorrow? Alas, that was not to be. We found other delights to make our day. But that’s a tale for later.

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