Hong Kong Suey

It’s my second day here in Hong Kong, but I only managed to get Wi-Fi today, folks.

But we have chronicles! From day 1!

Chapter 1 of the Dim Sum adventures (dim sum not included)

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Because the gods decided that we had some serious karma or yuan fen together, I ended up with Suan in Hong Kong. She won a trip and I get to freeload! Muahahaha. Though secretly I wondered if I should make offerings beforehand to ensure she didn’t kill me before we arrived home.


In her infinite wisdom, Suan decreed I should stay over the night before we were due to fly. The cab, after all, was going to come get us at 6am. Said cab ended up arriving at 5.45am and neither of us had gotten any sleep. Suan spent half the night packing and I was fending off vicious mosquitoes in the guest room.


So we arrived at KLIA roughly around 6.20am – Suan was surprisingly chipper while I was bleary-eyed and craving a Mushroom Swiss at BK. Suan bravely resisted the call of Starbucks and she ended up breakfasting on croissants and coffee – after I dug into my burger, of course.


The flight left promptly at 9am, with us bagging nice seats next to the wing which  meant plenty of leg room. Huzzah! The 4-hour flight proved a little more eventful than we liked – a lot of turbulence on the way, ending up in a delayed landing at 1.20pm.


Since Suan had done all the research, I was mostly the faithful, yet ignorant, sidekick. She recommended that we get the Octopus Travel card which came with one free airport transfer and unlimited travel on the MRT over a 3-day period. Only HK220, with a redeemable value of HK50.


The Airport Express is a lot like KLIA Express, but the seats are wedged much closer together. What I like is that you get the choice of 3 stops – as compared to KLIA’s sole stopover at KL Sentral. We got off at Kowloon City, which also happens to be linked to a swanky mall. Suan finally gave in to her Starbucks fixation. Honestly, Hong Kong does a better job at Starbucks than we do – the sandwiches are totally delectable-looking but Suanie isn’t enamoured with their lattes. "Too much milk…too little coffee."


We bravely attempted to get to our hotel by foot but ended up taking a cab. It was starting to rain, not to mention the choppy wind made Suan declare she was getting a jacket.

What happened next?

Tune in tomorrow. Me and Suan are going to the promenade! At 10.01pm!

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