“Geeks use their power for good and evil”

Un_lun_dun_pb__jktChina Miéville’s written a brilliant kid’s book – Un Lun Dun. Wacky, fun and extraordinarily whimsical but then Miéville’s always been the self-proclaimed king of weird.

For instance: what do you get when you cross a trashcan with a ninja? Binjas! And who needs a talking animal when you can have a cute, discarded milk carton instead? Oh, and it makes cute, whimpery animal noises too. And giving away its name would be too much of a spoiler.

Un Lun Dun’s premise of a young girl caught in the middle of a prophecy gone wrong in a parallel universe is an interesting amalgam of ideas. Most of the time, it works. Anyone who loves words and hilarious flights of fancy will enjoy this book. It’s just too much fun not to recommend.

In other news, am leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow and finishing as much work as I can today. Back Tuesday, away from the insanity that is Malaysia right now. Am also a little depressed at hearing of people I know migrating to greener pastures. There’s now a glimmer of hope of us being able to make baby steps in making change happen. But it’s too little, too late for some people. And I have to understand that some people can’t afford to wait for our country to get its act together.

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