In Ur Tech News, Stealin’ Ur Thunder

Iphone3gWell, WWDC and the Jobs keynote happened. There are now REAL pictures of the iPhone 3G. And no, I still don’t want one.

Just before I went to bed at night, I was thinking about how inaccessible the iPhone is to blind people. For me a phone with no tactile response just isn’t going to be enough. Yes, it is gorgeous. Yes, the apps are awesome (I love the piano app). But the camera still sucks. It’s still too big. And texting? Don’t get me started.

It is serendipitous that just after I switch back to TypePad, a TypePad app for the iPhone is announced at the WWDC. SixApart now has apps for all major mobile phone operating systems…except for Linux. But my money’s on an Android version coming soon. Or the Android users might just end up going the easier route:, anyone?

Yes, a few local users are disgruntled Malaysia doesn’t have it officially available. Well, that’s something you need to bring up with your telcos. Likely due to the large amount of ‘liberated’ units awash in the market, Apple is understandably leery to offer the phone here for standalone retail. Apple fanboys who want the official iPhone will just have to wait for Celcom, Maxis or DiGi to bring it in. Rumours are Maxis are ‘in talks’ but I’ll believe it when it happens.

And my Nokia N95 is going to be swapped out soon. News on that later. Work to catch up on before a lunch meeting.

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