I am

This has been going around the web so I might as well give it a go.

I am the woman who is addicted to pain.

I am the woman with an inner reservoir of stored tears, that never seems to dry.

I am the woman who has only 30 people in the world she gives a real damn about.

I am the woman afraid of dreaming, because the dreams she remembers are prophetic.

I am the woman as wary as a cat around strangers but once she knows you will love you like a dog would, trustingly, unreservedly, unabashedly.

I am the woman who drinks at clubs to justify the way she dances – when she would move that way sober. 

I am the woman who writes because she knows it is her calling.

I am the woman who stands longingly at death’s door but knows it will not open for a long while yet.

I am the woman who believes in angels and screams at God.

I am the woman touched with madness, cursed with idealism and blessed with objectivity.

I am the woman who will love you whether you want it or not, and who will flee once you get too close.

I am the woman who forgives but can never forget. 


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