I’ve been spending a lot of my weekends in bed. Not sleeping (Wish I were) but reading, surfing and rethinking what I’m doing, where I’m going.

I remember once reading that one of the greatest powers you have is the power to change your mind. There are some convictions I have that will always hold but everything else? I reserve the right to be as flighty as I want to be.

For once, I stayed put at my job instead of putting my foot out the door. But I think by almost leaving, I made a point to myself and to my colleagues. I have the choice to go or stay, and whatever I choose there’s going to be a damn good reason behind it.

I learnt more about myself. I learnt more about what I want from my job, from my work, from myself. This job is important in that it pays my rent and gives me lots of opportunity to practise my writing. Apart from that, everything else I want from my life, I need to make time to do. Outside of work.

So it’s that dreaded P-word: priorities. What I want to do, what I don’t really need to and what I really dream about doing.

Dreams don’t die, unless you let them. And mine, like my ideals, are keeping me up at night.

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