For my friends/blog readers

This is the last post before my holiday. For realz. This is for the people who keep following my blog though I keep changing my URLs, through the emo-laden moments, blog drama and increasingly crappy writing.

And for the people who have been better friends than I ever had the right to deserve.

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moar funny pictures

When faced with slander in the blogosphere

What do you do when people bring up old wounds?

Call you names?

Or complete strangers speak about things they know nothing about?

I’m going to do what I should have done all those frickin’ months ago.

I’ll shut up.

Insomniac in Hong Kong

The Wi-Fi is wonky. I am mopey. All over a Twitter that reminded me of someone I’d rather forget. It’s hard to do that when everything reminds you of days past. I remember a wet and windy screening of POTC. I remember waking up early to claim HP book 5. Your ridiculous duck fuzz hair. That damn coffee you like. How you never say my name and your misuse of the word ‘Yo’. Guess I need to go make new memories with new people. But you left such a big gap, it’s like the void overshadows everything. And I want to be over this. Really. But I’ve got a You-shaped hole where you were. And I don’t know if it will ever go away.

Starting all over again

"How do you do it?" Irene asked when I told her that, yet again, I was starting afresh with a new blog.

Irene’s the opposite of me in that regard. Through the years, she’s faithfully ported her archives along with her and if she lives to an old age, I have no doubt her blogposts will live on after she passes.

I like a new start, leaving the past behind and just moving on. Because I believe memories will remain where they should – my head and heart. I don’t need pictures or objects of sentimental value. They’re nice to have around, no denying that. The silver ring on my hand and the amethyst pendant I wear are the only sentimental things I cling to; everything else, I could very much live without.

Why start anew again? Well, it seems my past webhost had a severe security breach making me skittish about staying with them. I just don’t have the time and energy to look after my own webhosting account anymore. So I’m traveling light and just hauling my domain name with me to TypePad.

I’ve grown to like Movable Type. I’m just not crazy about the long, winding road to customise it. TypePad’s the comfortable, though slightly pricey, middle road. Someone else worries about the backend and software, all I need to do is pony up the monthly fee. And blog.

TypePad makes it easy so I don’t need to muck with script and though it’d be nice for my TypePad Plus account to give me more customisation options, I can live with what it offers me. So onwards to new blog horizons and a return to blogging on TypePad.