I’m a bunny momma again!

Malone looking a little confuzzled.

So the significant other got me…a rabbit. Say Hi to Malone the Christmas bunny! He’ll be the sixth rabbit I’ve ever owned.

The good: he’s got personality and doesn’t bite.

The bad: he disapproves of his current feed. Finicky eater, this one.

Both my cats are far from thrilled but who knows? Maybe Malone might end up being a better playmate for Cat No.2 than ornery loner Cat No.1 is.

1 thought on “I’m a bunny momma again!

  1. Saviour-V

    Got a few rabbits at my in-laws’ place. Not too sure about their respective species, but one of them looked like a cat, first time I saw him. That was back in 2010, before I got married to the girl who owned him…^_^;

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