Budget 2012 or the LOLBudget

Once upon a time, I was a very bored Malaysiakini sub watching the Budget presentation in 2009. So I started Tweeting about the budget, partly for my own amusement and partly to explain it in layman’s terms.

Because, really, Budget sittings are very, very boring. This is my third year Tweeting about the budget: come on and join in the fun!



28 thoughts on “Budget 2012 or the LOLBudget

  1. @ernamh if analysts have magic crystal balls, they’d keep their readings to themselves, thats fr sure

  2. @ernamh what if it were men in swinsuits??:-)

  3. @ernamh Red cause its all funded by debts our future generations have to pay. #LOLBudget12

  4. @ernamh What’s interesting in this budget?

  5. THIS! πŸ˜€ @RT @ernamh I hope the PM hired a new speechwriter. His last one sucked. Seriously. #LOLBudget12

  6. @ernamh I sense some rage. Is it the weather? πŸ™‚

  7. @ernamh Is it ON AIR now?

  8. @ernamh penang Central still totally off centre. One pile also not driven.

  9. @ernamh umno stimulation packages?

  10. @ernamh heard that no sin tax increase this yr

  11. @ernamh the sukuks laa. we Islamic financial center what.

  12. @ernamh you get what you pay. and in this case, you get nothing.

  13. @ernamh assuming they have money in the first place to send the kids to school, Mothership.

  14. @ernamh maybe the are cutting down on their corruption fees too? #LOLBudget12

  15. @ernamh i’m surprised there isn’t a joke about finding spare change in Birkin bags yet.

  16. @ernamh lol, not another tower haha! #LOLBudget12

  17. @ernamh and some say Sabah

  18. @ernamh wait so nothing for middle income earners? The rich get richer and the middle class gets poorer ka? #LOLbudget2012

  19. @ernamh u think civil servants can easily be bribed? Tq Najib! πŸ™‚ #LOLBudget12

  20. @ernamh And where else will our vote go? I tried the other party last time round, not so good…

  21. @ernamh married couples lah?

  22. only for couples. Oh wells RT @ernamh Couples can now apply for up to RM400k laons under First Home scheme. Singles, you’re out of luck.

  23. @ernamh @brianlian #LOLBudget12 only these two dropouts among the millions around the world who were lucky! The rest ended with poor jobs!

  24. @ernamh bunyi macam HDB jer…

  25. @ernamh funny lah u

  26. @ernamh this bloated n efficient civil service has provided the services that have made the country what it is today! πŸ™‚ #LOLBudget12

  27. @ernamh Comparing us to Norway? Come on lah, we have different histories and conditions.

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