The Chinese chauvinist agenda or…WTF?

So. I get this email through the contact form on my blog from this dude I’ll just call ‘H’:

I just wanted to write to you to say that I agree with most of what you write. However, I still think that you are supporting the chinese chauvinistic cause. As you know TMI still slants in favor of the minority, who as you know still dominate malaysian economic and professional spheres.

I work overseas in a country where a majortiy hate the chinese. I had a call from an anglosaxon manager working in KL. He was prompted to call me by my friend, who is malaysian chinese. The most disappointing thing was the job he offered is far below my expectation, and will be replacing a malay girl who has jumped away from his company.

Now, I feel that my malaysian chinese ‘friend’ is actually showing his true colors. He probably spoke to that manager that I am only qualified for a lower position, despite my multiple accreditations,degrees and years of experience (overseas and local). I told the manager that I don’t want to join just to fulfill a bumi quota, so they may bid for government/Petronas jobs.

It is good that you are contributing to TMI. It is useful to present the ‘other side’ of the picture. However, I hope you will not serve to be the tool of the TMI editors.

Most news organisations have editors who want to create their narrative to promote their bias or agenda. I can see the way TMI censors/edits comments that they want to promote one view. Also, how some stories are put on the top headline also reveals how they want to raise the minority cause (esp the chinese minority).

My point is that it is important to engage with the minority, especially the chinese. They are market dominant because they are proactive and vocal in their cause. Repeat a mantra long enough, and it will be true. They can repeat that the government is racist (which is a harsher way of saying ‘race-based’) so many times that foreigners I meet always repeat the same thing.

I really hate it when indians, chinese, americans, british I meet overseas who want to say how racism is the driving factor in the government, but little do they think about the ‘caste problem’, ‘uighur/non-han chinese problem’, affirmative action’, ‘positive discrimination’ that exist in their respective countries.

The affirmative action in Malaysia exists because of the imbalances in our society. The problem I see is how many Malays (incl. in my family) who don’t take advantage of the privileges. I have many in my family who don’t buy houses, because either they don’t trust the chinese developers, lawyers, loan officers, agent etc or because they are not used to concept of interest-based loans.”

LOL, dude, WTF?

Dude. You are just as bigoted, just as chauvinistic as the people you accuse of having an ‘agenda’. Until you get over yourselves, the Bumis will never get past being anything but an insular, paranoid, dependent on handouts majority.

Stop expecting fairness when you refuse to practise or preach it. And quit with the conspiracy theories already.

You know what? I disown myself as a Bumi. I don’t need privileges when it means having to be likened to people like you.

4 thoughts on “The Chinese chauvinist agenda or…WTF?

  1. karulann

    🙂 I second that… Problem with most of the so-called bumi’s. Heck I’m technically a bumi myself. 😛

  2. Malaysian Care

    This guy obviously a very narrow minded person. He is typical of UMNO diehard. I was surprised he said he was educated in overseas. Where? Pakistan or Indonesia?

  3. Hmm.

    So, basically, what H is trying is this: his Chinese friend is engaging in a conspiracy to lure him back to Malaysia. The intention is to entrap him with lousy job so that the company in question can bid for Bumi-centric contracts. And the guy overseeing all of this is an Anglo-Saxon imperialist. Bottom line: this is an example of Chinese chauvanism.

    Putting aside the convoluted contradictions, one question comes to the fore: is this conspiracy really exists, why would they need to rope in a ‘enlightened’ Malay from overseas just to entrap and victimize him? Wouldn’t it be easier to set up an unsuspecting Malay who is already working locally?

    It doesn’t make sense.

    Then H goes on to attack Westerners for being blind to morally reprehensible discrimination. But then he backtracks and says discrimination is good in Malaysia, but isn’t working all too well because some morally upright Malays refuse to take advantage of privileges accorded to them. It’s silly because these morally upright Malays are being discriminated against by Chinese developers, lawyers, loan officers, et cetera.

    So H’s logics is… what? Malays are suffering from instititutional discrimination, therefore they should practice discrimination? And people like Erna who say otherwise are Chinese chauvanists?

    This kind of guilt projection is, quite frankly, foolish. ‘We Malays are corrupt because the Chinese made us that way.’

    Um, even if all the Chinese in Malaysia are corrupt (which may well be the case), does this mean that the Malays have no free choice in the matter?

  4. Dalyn

    it’s not because of the race, it’s just the choice. you have all choices you want. i’m proud to be a bumi but not because of the privillages+subsidies, but it’s just who i am. evryone have the right to voice out anything but please, in appropriate ways. i think the problem here is that trust. how can a chinese trust a malay when a malay dont trust them vice versa. so this means we are not I Malaysia enough. just saying.

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