All I want

I got asked a few days what I want to do.
And I had no answers.
I don’t really have any goals or dreams left.
Too many shattered hopes.
Too many disappointments.
I don’t dare dream now.
What is there for me to hope for, really? That the next day is a little better than the last?
I just want to go home. Home to the Father. And find that eternal, elusive peace.
I just want to find and be home.
I want to go home.

2 thoughts on “All I want

  1. No! ! !
    They may take away your home, your car, your credit cards, your loved ones, your children, . . . . .
    But they can never take away your hopes, your dreams.
    Get up girl!!!
    I believe in you!!!

  2. AS

    Hi, I came across your blog after reading your recent article on the the ‘Allah’ issue and the perspective of east malaysians. You have a writer’s gift for perception, clarity and honesty and I hope that this last of blog posts is not just that. Hope to hear from you again!

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