A bout of solitude

Thomas Merton

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Taking a cue from Thomas Merton’s Thoughts in Solitude, I am holing myself up in the house for most of the week. The Agency has declared itself closed until Friday which makes me a very happy camper.

Alas, The Engine has work it needs done so tomorrow I will do the work and bug my colleagues for feedback about said work…on Friday. Thursday night will see me going to Bangsar for two back-to-back appointments which will see me hurling myself into the midst of people after three days shunning the company of mankind.

The McDonalds delivery man doesn’t count. Or the mamak down the road. I just don’t feel like cooking right now and anyhow, all I have is one pan, no butter or oil or onions. That will be remedied once I feel like doing some grocery shopping. Do I feel like grocery shopping? No.

I haven’t suddenly decided to become a Catholic mystic, nor do I plan to apply to a nunnery either. Mother Theresa I’m not. Thomas Merton’s writing, when not centred around Christian theology, is actually accessible to people of other faiths. Anyone can read his autobiography, Seven Storey Mountain, and find something to take away from it.

1 thought on “A bout of solitude

  1. I feel too scared to comment now in case it breaks your solitude … but I will. 🙂
    Hopefully I’ll have a house with empty cupboards to fill soon … um, I think I took that comment too literally. Silly me! Anyway, I can fill them myself. 🙂
    Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to having my own house. (I like living on my own. Everything gets done. I hate working when people are watching. lol) So, I am looking forward to being a solitary beast again! 🙂

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