Hi, honey, I almost got killed. Again.

1232201705000_Ulykke-Ulefoss003_2368695mRemember the man I once said I loved more than air?

Four years ago, a car ran into him while he was on a bicycle.

Last year, just a few weeks before I was supposed to see him again, he ran his car into a house.

A frickin’ house. Because he was looking at the GPS and not the road.

Saturday he got in the papers for being in an accident. That is what is left of his car.

I find out today, right after he’s been discharged from the hospital. CAT scan says he’s fine, no bones broken, but he’s still sore all over.

Well, right here, right now, he’s alive. And I’m so relieved.

This unfortunately does not motivate me in the slightest to get my driver’s license over and done with. AIEEEEEEEEEEEE.

2 thoughts on “Hi, honey, I almost got killed. Again.

  1. Be thankful you’re not doing PR for Proton or Perodua but one of the safest car brands in the world.

  2. Not that I am a religious person – far from it. But maybe all those were warnings from the big guy up there; that your friend had better do something about his attitude while driving.
    And oh! you’ve just helped me make up my mind on the GPS. Been meaning to buy one of those. Now I have a good reason against it. But just curious, what happened to the house? And whose house was it anyway?

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