It all makes sense now

Sometimes it takes all the pieces of the puzzle to come together.

For life, the occasional bitch that it is, can only be understood backwards but we must live it forward as a Danish philosopher said.

Click. Set. Match.

I see now. I understand. There can be no more grieving. Nothing good could have come of it. Doomed from the start by a lie. The signs, I saw them. They didn’t make sense to me then. Now they do. As clearly written as if the stars themselves spelled them out in the sky. Cassandra is no longer blind, and refuses to suffer Medea’s fate.

Don’t stop. Don’t walk. Run. Flee. Fly.

Perhaps this is what it takes to finally get me to spread my wings and brave the heights I’ve avoided. And enjoy, not fear, riding in Artemis’s chariot for a while.

1 thought on “It all makes sense now

  1. Ooo, you recover fast. Took me ten years to recover from my ex … though my brain certainly won’t allow me to return to being stupidly blind … much …
    I think I’ll skip the chariot ride and wait for the Porche. [THere is a Porche coming … right?] 🙂

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