No, I’m not interested

Listening to old school R&B. Toni Braxton’s He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me is a favourite. I love the beat and at the same time, the cattiness of it is delicious.

Sadly the song also hits a bit too close for me. Too many times I get insecure women accusing/waging war thinking I want their men.

And I never thought I’d be able to say to a woman “I’ve already had your man” with absolute sincerity. But yeah, now I can.

The cattiest line:

Well, I think it’s time you know the truth

I think he’s just the man for you.”


My rule is – if he loves me, he wouldn’t swap me for someone else. So you take my man (happened), you keep him and good riddance.

They always come back, the sodding dimwits.

1 thought on “No, I’m not interested

  1. You have the same philosophy as me. If someone takes them, it’s their problem. 🙂
    My ex always told me I’d take her back if she wanted me, and I always used to tell her she was kidding herself. lol
    As I always say, if they cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you. So, don’t hook up with someone who is with someone else … also, if they cheat once, why not again.
    I figure if I’m not what they want, why take them back? They’ll only leave again.

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