I don’t have the time for this

I think it’s a sign I’m well on my way to becoming a crabby old cat lady when I’ve become intolerant about people not getting to the point.

No hedging, no waffling, no insinuations please.

Say what you want, and be done with it.

Games and subtlety are lost on me. Verbal repartee works in the movies, and reads well in books. But I like things in black and white, in neon lights even.

But if you know what you want, don’t assume I know what you want.

Just say it already.

2 thoughts on “I don’t have the time for this

  1. haha…i balance my absolute impatience for pussyfooters by being one myself (……….mostly cause i’m terribly awkward around girls i like la) 😛
    but you’re right. i think i was born too old for games, and now i’m definitely too impatient for them.

  2. lol It’s not games. Different personalities talk in different ways.
    I often get accused of talking around the point, but as a Phlegmatic (with Melancholic and Sanguine almost at the same level) the thing I am actually doing (whether I mean to or not) is preparing the person so they won’t feel hurt in any way.
    Melancholics and Cholerics can find it annoying as they just want the facts. Sanguines will often be more interested in making sure they have your undivided attention … those ones do pee me off somewhat. lol
    I have to admit that as a Phlegmatic / Melancholic / Sanguine, my melancholic part has an impatient streak when people don’t get to the point (even though, as I’ve already stated, I do it myself). My mother and brother in particular are very annoying as they often repeat (yes, repeat) parts over and over in their stories. Arrrrgh! I think to a certain extent my brother does it as he is trying to avoid getting to the point in case he receives criticism if the person listening doesn’t like what they hear (thus, he is trying NOT to upset the other person … which I guess makes him phlegmatic). 🙂

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